Seamless @ UX Australia: Setting a new standard for Accessibility

UX Australia is the country’s largest conference that is specifically focused on improving user experience online. Speakers and UX professionals come from all over the world to share their knowledge in an effort to raise the quality of digital user experiences across all platforms.

Shannon King from Seamless was invited to present to the packed crowd and share her journey and insights in achieving accessibility excellence in the local government sector.

Not only do 1 in 5 Australians have some form of disability that affects their ability to access the internet, but figures from our soon to be released National Benchmarking report show that more than half of all Australian Council websites (53%) still have 30 or more critical accessibility errors.

But Accessibility is hard, what’s the secret?

To demonstrate that widespread acceptance and understanding of accessibility issues within local government is possible, we first had to demonstrate that it was a viable goal within our own team.

Titled “The What, Why and How of Achieving an Accessibility Friendly Organisation”, Shannon’s presentation laid out how we transformed the jargon-heavy, difficult to read Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) into simple tips that could be easily assimilated throughout the company.

Shannon’s Top Tips for improving accessibility awareness

  1. Get buy-in from management
  2. Form a team of accessibility evangelists within your organistion
  3. Meet up with the team and share knowledge with your organisation often
  4. Keep accessibility tips and tricks relevant to your organisation’s projects

With the help of the other team members in the newly formed Seamless Web Accessibility Group (S.W.A.G.), Shannon helped deliver plain language documentation for both internal training purposes and to set local government on the path to accessibility compliance.


For more information about Accessibility within local government or our upcoming National Benchmarking report, email or follow Seamless on twitter @SeamlessCMS and follow Shannon @ShazEKing.

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