Devonport City Council provides a beacon for online customer service

See how Devonport’s new-look website focuses on improving customer service and provides a beacon for the 166,000 annual visitors that are looking for a deeper, more meaningful engagement with council.

Mayor Alderman Steve Martin said that Devonport recognised people are more mobile, socially connected and time poor than ever before. These were factors that Seamless prioritised when migrating Devonport’s website to our OpenCities platform.

devonport-long“Our main aim was to make it easier and faster for people to find what they were looking for on the site,” said Mayor Martin.

As well as being mobile-friendly, the new website engages and involves the community by focusing on their primary needs.

“We’ve created a much simpler menu and layout that focus on Council’s core services and users’ top tasks,” Mayor Martin explained.

Live, work and play

Devonport has made it simple and inviting for residents to engage with Council by offering three main navigation streams:

Live – Find family and youth services information, sustainable living fact sheets, public transport resources and Parking Permit details.

Work – View tenders, employment offers and opportunities for businesses to integrate with the community through local events and festivals.

Play – Discover the beaches of Devonport’s picturesque coastline, explore the arts and culture scene or plan a recreational fishing or camping trip.

A digital front door for Council

Devonport revitalised website has become a “digital front door” for Council, an access point that’s available online 24/7 and allows residents to make requests and transact with council at their convenience.

Residents can have their say about how council is run through an online consultation hub or access minutes and agendas from recent council meetings, including downloadable audio recordings.

Finally, local news and event listings empower the council to share positive stories with the community while interactive maps that highlight community infrastructure programs provide accountability and transparency for ratepayers.

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To see how OpenCities can centralise the tasks and services that your residents need and create a digital front door for your council, feel free to contact Seamless for an obligation-free consultation.


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