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How Rockhampton Regional Council turned their website into a platform for community engagement and ongoing dialogues.

roc-homepageRockhampton Council recently unveiled their new, user-friendly website powered by the latest version of OpenCities.

“We wanted to create a site that was compatible across all devices, whether people are using a smartphone, tablet or a computer it is much easier to navigate and more visually appealing,” Rockhampton Mayor Margaret Strelow told The Morning Bulletin.

To ensure ease of use and maximum convenience for customers it has been fully redesigned and complies with ‘AA’ accessibility standards, all straight out-of-the-box with OpenCities.

Top Tasks are positioned front and centre bringing more services to the notice of customers and increasing participation with the council.

“What we have delivered is a one-stop shop where people can easily lodge a request, make enquiries and find what they’re looking for a whole lot faster through a very responsive ‘Search’ function,” said Mayor Strelow.

My Neighbourhood

Visitors to Rockhampton’s new site can enter their address into the search field and see nearby events, parks, council venues and facilities. Whether you want to see if your local park can accommodate your wedding ceremony, you’re planning a family barbecue, or learn more about your local council member, My Neighbourhood brings the full spectrum of council facilities to visitors fingertips.

Highlighting local facilities and projects demonstrates the value that the council returns to the community in a highly relevant way.

My Neighbourhood is available to all councils using the OpenCities platform. Get in touch with Seamless to see how to transform your council website into an interactive platform for community engagement.


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