How Great Lakes Council and OpenCities are putting users first

Great Lakes Council recently launched its new mobile ready, ‘AA’ accessible website powered by OpenCities, Seamless’ out-of-the-box solution for local government agencies that are looking to deliver a better online service.

The new site is user-focused and displays content beautifully on a range of mobile devices thus making it quicker and easier for residents to find information and interact with Council online.

Great Lakes Council website

The Great Lakes staff are so excited about their new site they have created their own “10 things you’ll love about our new website” page and here is a few of the features they highlighted.

A powerful search which suggests content as your typing is conveniently placed on every page, and the most popular tasks have been put right on the homepage.

There are some clever accessibility features, including the option to have all pages and documents read aloud and displayed with large subtitles when required.

Like all OpenCities customers, Great Lakes has the ability to place colour-coded announcements on their website for urgent communications.

For any residents looking to build on their property, the developing and planning tools can show you the relevant planning regulations for the region, facilitate planning enquiries and locate a specific property on a map to check the zoning and confirm whether the development is permitted.

We’re excited to bring these innovative features to the residents of Great Lakes, and look forward to continuing to improve their online experience.

To find out more about this project or how OpenCities is helping local government deliver better digital services, feel free to get in touch with Seamless.

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