Government websites can be stylish, City of Ryde shows us how

Modern websites have raised the bar when it comes to their look and feel, and the City of Ryde have shown that you can have a slick website that satisfies both the sophisticated requirements of council and the expectations of residents.

Thoughtful design that delivers results

The City of Ryde website

In redesigning their website the City of Ryde spent 18 months researching the experience of their website users and delivered a site that is smarter, friendlier and more aesthetically pleasing.

Primary tasks have been placed front and centre, and the new design encourages users to use the search bar if they know what they are trying to find. In fact, the search function is so accurate that having a traditional menu bar across the top of the page is no longer essential.

Instead, the mobile friendly “hamburger menu” in the top-left corner expands into a full sidebar when clicked, allowing users to access the full range of council services.

Style and function

Beyond the “wow factors”, powerful core functionality has been introduced. Users can quickly browse through the website to see the latest council news, upcoming events or use their location to find nearby parks, major works and even identify their local council member.

Navigating all of these elements could be confusing at first glance, but a handy “Quick Tour” ties the user experience together.

Being powered by SeamlessCMS v4 means that the council has access to all the tools of a proven content management system which is versatile enough to deliver something refreshing and innovative.

Visit the City of Ryde website for yourself and take it for a test drive, or get a snapshot of the quick tour in the screenshots below.

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